Ashton Drake

Ashton Drake 

At Ashton-Drake, we think of ourselves and our customers as one big family. And that means always giving you the best, from the premium-quality dolls for which we are known to the top-notch customer service we provide, including the best guarantee in the business!

Dolls have enchanted people of every age for thousands of years, and here at Ashton-Drake, we have been honored to continue this legacy. Since 1985, our dolls have set the highest quality standards and delighted thousands of collectors, by rekindling fond memories and stirring their imagination. Every single doll we offer is born from the creative minds of award-winning doll artists and designers, with whom we have the pleasure of working every day.

As doll lovers ourselves, we know that every detail matters. That's why we lovingly handcraft them using high-quality materials like vinyl, porcelain and authentic silicone, with hand-rooted hair and hand-painted details that bring them to life. And, expertly tailored, custom-designed costuming using the highest quality fabric and trims makes them look their best. Our artist-original dolls can sell for thousands, but we’re pleased to offer these premium quality dolls to you at very affordable prices, made even better through the available interest free payments!

We love how lifelike our baby dolls look, and how wonderful they feel cradled in our arms, and we hope you will, too. Many of our dolls feature lifelike sound and movement for the utmost level of realism, so you can hear them coo in delight, feel their little "heartbeats" and see them gently "breathe." Not only do we have a heartwarming selection of realistic baby dolls for adult collectors and children, but we also offer stunning portrait dolls, playful monkey dolls, unique doll furniture, custom clothing accessories and more.

Whether you’re looking for the special doll you’ve always dreamed of, a lifelike baby doll to cuddle, or want to buy a gift for someone in your life, it's all right here, waiting for you to discover! At Ashton-Drake, we have a doll for everyone and are passionate about providing fellow doll lovers the best.

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